About us

We are a brand new Datingsite especially for people who want to find their soulmate for love! As love can happen everywhere over the world we added the option “I would travel 4 my love” in all Profiles. This means if you would leave your country to live with your soulmate-love. This option allows you to search worldwide for your partner! 


CEO Bro & Bro Media S.R.L.,
Soulmate-Dating Admin

Broon or Bruno is an Austrian IT and electronic specialist. He is the Admin of this  Site and CEO of Bro & Bro Media S.R.L. I will  give my best to make you satisfied with our services. The fact that we as CEOs are workers too, we can gurantee the lowest price for you!

Mission Statement

Our mission is you, falling in love with your soulmate. Dating became difficult in the last years, because every dating site has its disadvantages. Even the prices are very high and the possibilities are often very limited. We don’t want you to write with a picture, this is why we allow and prefer all media and possibilities.

This will also make it very difficult for romance scammers to scam and hurt you. We also want to establish Video Proofed Profiles in the future to give you the maximum protection you can have.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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